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Furthermore, the information entered in the inquiry form will be handled as follows;
 ・The information entered will be used so that we can respond to inquiries effectively.
 ・The information entered will be edited or deleted according to your intention.

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(1) Name of Company
 Language One Corporation
(2) Person Responsible for Personal Information Protection Management
 Kouhito Miyoshi
(3) Purposes for Personal Information Use
 ★Response to Inquiries:
 Personal information obtained in this form is used for responding to the inquiries and for contacting the inquirer.
 ★Recruitment Purposes:
 Personal information obtained in this form is used for recruitment and for contacting the candidate.
(4) Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
 Without the consent of the person or except in cases where required by law, we do not provide information to third parties.
(5) Handling of Personal Information Entrustment
 There are cases where we entrust acquired personal information to subcontractors to achieve our objectives. In such cases, we select subcontractors with established privacy protection systems as a condition and entrust the information upon entering into a nondisclosure agreement.
(6) Disclosure of Personal Information and Inquiries Regarding Disclosures
 We will respond to requests for revision, addition or deletion in notices, disclosure, and content of the purpose of use of disclosed personal information; termination of use; deletion; and the discontinuation of entrusting personal information to third parties. Please refer to “Personal Information Consultation Desk” in the Privacy Policy section of our homepage regarding disclosure, etc.
(7) Precautions for Entering Personal Information
 Although it is at your discretion whether to provide your personal information, please understand we may not be able to process the information accurately, or contact you if you do not provide accurate information.
(8) Obtaining personal information by methods that are not easily recognized
 We do not obtain personal information from cookies or web beacons, which are methods that are not easy recognized by individuals.
(9) Personal Information Protection Management Measures
 We will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and rectify the divulgation, loss, or damage or acquired personal information and to manage personal information protection. Encryption measures through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used on this website.
(10) Personal Information Protection Policy
 Please refer to our Privacy Policy in our homepage.