Language One is cooperating with ATM Japan to provide multilingual support service for the financial industry.

Language One Corporation
ATM Japan, Ltd.

-Cooperating with ATM Japan, and providing multilingual support service for the financial industry-

Language One Corporation (President: Taku Koyama, Head Office: Shibuya-ku Tokyo, referred to as Language One below) and ATM Japan, Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Nakano, Head Office: Minato-ku Tokyo, referred to as ATM Japan below) has agreed to form a business alliance to provide multilingual support service for the financial industry. Furthermore, ATM Japan received shares of Language One stocks as part of a plan to allocate new shares to a third party.

ATM Japan Group accepts inbound calls from foreign customers at their ATM Operation Center (Call Center). From October 2014, they began collaborating with Language One (using three-way calls to provide multilingual support service), and they currently deliver service 24-hours 365-days for over 20,000 ATMs from 8 banks.

The demand for multilingual support service is growing because of the rise in factors influencing domestic demand. One example is the increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Financial institutions in Japan are expected to provide multilingual support service for customers interested in transactions such as ATM withdrawals using overseas cards, foreign currency exchange, overseas remittance, etc.
When Language One, a high quality multilingual contact center, collaborates with ATM Japan Group, a top market share owner in ATM monitoring and operation, we can provide high quality multilingual support service to foreign customers for financial institutions.

In response to the demand of handling foreign tourists and residents in Japan, Language One and ATM Japan Group will continue to collaborate and generate new solutions.

[Details of Multilingual Support Service for the Financial Industry]

●Supported languages: 7 languages
 ・Operating 24-hours 365-days: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
 ・Operating 9:00-18:00 (except weekends/public holidays): Thai, Russian

●Services Provided
 1.Answering inquiries made over the ATM interphone.
*Inbound calls from foreign customers are transferred to Language One’s interpreter/operator for support via three-way call. (See image)
 2.Help desk for internet banking.
 3.Interpretation service at the shop or branch office of financial institutions, etc.

Image of Service Multilingual support service provided via three-way call
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